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Welcome to the Southern Group of State Foresters

Our goal is to ensure the growth of healthy forests, today and tomorrow. Forests are a rich natural resource, providing clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, and a myriad of indispensable products – from wood to build our homes and furniture to fill them, to paper and tissue products, sports equipment and renewable fuels.

We provide leadership in sustaining the economic, environmental and social benefits of the South's forests, and work to identify and address existing and emerging issues and challenges that are important to southern forests and citizens.

We use extensive research, in-depth analysis, and cutting-edge technology to develop systems to assess and analyze forest resources, such as the Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment and Southern Forest Land Assessment. These proactive tools enable users – whether they are landowners, legislators or community decision-makers -- to make more informed decisions.

Resources By State:

Map of the Southern United States Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Mississippi Alabama Georgia South Carolina Florida Tennessee North Carolina Virginia Kentucky Louisiana Puerto Rico U.S. Virgin Islands

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