2021 Prescribed Fire Infographic Series

Prescribed Fire Infographics Series
Communications Toolkit



Increase awareness of benefits and process of conducting prescribed fire by engaging audiences through the use of a series of prescribed fire infographics.

Overall Campaign Strategy

Share tailored infographics on the benefits of prescribed fire as well as how prescribed burns are conducted. These products portray the Why and How of prescribed fire and should serve to educate the viewer on the need for use of this tool while demystifying the process and ensuring the practice is carried out in a safe manner. This introductory presentation can lead to further discussions on smoke management and respiratory concerns, but is intended to focus on the benefits and safety of the tool. Encourage users to share their community success stories with the #goodfires hashtag on social media.

Target Audiences:

  • Primary: Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) residents
  • Secondary: environmentally engaged (EE) residents, potentially those who may question need for the tool, have smoke concerns or fear of escaped fires.


  1. Digital infographics suitable for sharing on key social media platforms (COMPLETE)
    1. master graphics (2); Benefits and Process
    2. slices of each graphic for breaking material into series
    3. key messages and suggested text to accompany master and slice graphics
  2. Digital: PowerPoint presentation – based on series (IN DEVELOPMENT)
  3. Print: (OPTIONAL, states have original content to use as needed)
    1. Messaging/master letter (customizable by states) suitable for state legislators + include rack card version of infographic
    2. Rack card (2-sided) for distribution at Community Awareness Day celebrations? [include blank space to incorporate local contact info or URL]

Key Messages

Note: These messages are all very general, and we encourage States to incorporate statistics specific to their locale into these messages.

Private forest lands are very important. Find more resources for the benefits of incorporating prescribed fire onto private landscapes at https://www.goodfires.org and the SGSF Blog. Here are some forest facts:

  • There are approximately 245 million acres of forested lands in the southeastern United States
  • Roughly 86% of that total is privately owned, which amounts to approx. 211 million acres of SE forest – more forested land than the entire National Forest System for the U.S. Forest Service
  • Fire has been used as a tool by humans on the landscape since before European settlers arrived in North America
  • The SE accounts for an average 6 million acres burned per year using prescribed fire – this typically accounts for more acreage of prescribed fire than all other parts of the U.S. combined.
  • Prescribed fire and other forest thinning practices create healthier, more productive forests, while maintaining the economic viability of forests and lessening wildfire impacts to communities
  • Prescribed fire can be carefully planned, timed, and managed to reduce wildfire risk and lower environmental and public health impacts as compared to the unplanned nature of wildfires.

Strategies & Tactics

  • Encourage the use of #goodfires hashtag on social media to join the conversation
  • Share content about specific experiences and benefits to WUI communities across the region
  • Share diverse and colorful graphics assets.
  • States and state partners should use state branded versions found on Members Only section of https://www.southernforests.org/.
  • Regional/National/other partners are encouraged to use the SGSF/USDA FS branded versions and add their logo. These master versions can be downloaded at: https://www.goodfires.org.
  • Share via each state’s Prescribed Fire Council, regional Coalition of Prescribed Fire group http://www.prescribedfire.net/about-us
  • Tag your prescribed fire partners in your posts, suggestions are provided in the ‘Social Media partner handles’ section
  • Potential timing: opportunities to share the infographics; customize messaging for appropriate tie-ins, make sure to capitalize on the infographics in the run up to your area-specific prescribed fire season, and incorporating messages into a dedicated Prescribed Fire week if available
    • Spring 2021: focus on management benefits/opportunities
    • 1st Sat in May = NFPA/State Farm = Wildfire Community Preparedness Day
    • Promote prior to May…grant application period likely begins in Feb.
    • Prescribed Fire Month or Week?
      • Florida: Prescribed Fire Awareness Week begins 4th week of January
      • Georgia: Prescribed Fire Awareness Week February
      • North Carolina: February = Prescribed Fire Awareness Month
      • Tennessee: Feb/March timeframe
    • Fall: focus on mitigation (National Fire Prevention Week [first full week of Oct]; potential tie-in with wildfire reduction technique)


Social Media Messaging

*For state-specific branded graphics, please contact your state forestry agency.

Social Media partner handles:

These are only recommendations as we will not know all of your local departments or partnerships (e.g., local VFDs)

  • Extension Forestry
  • Nature Conservancy
  • NGOs
  • NPS
  • NRCS
  • Prescribed Fire Councils
  • USFS
  • VFDs
  • Other land management agencies (local, state, and federal)
  • Other non-profits


  • Primary: #GoodFires
  • Secondary Hashtags: #PrescribedFire #KeepingForests #forestproud #prescribedburn #RxFire

Suggested Tweets, Facebook & Instagram posts

Note: These messages are all very general and we encourage States to incorporate statistics specific to you into these messages.

Conducting Series

Overview Graphics:

#DYK unlike smoke from #wildfire smoke from #prescribedfire is “managed” to minimize impacts to public and surrounding areas. Read more about #goodfires and planning a #rxfire at: https://www.goodfires.org

Prescribed fires offer the opportunity to adjust the timing of fire and some ability to manage the amount of smoke and its path, potentially reducing the overall impacts of wildland fire emissions on public health and welfare. #GoodFires at: https://www.goodfires.org

Our communities and local economies depend on healthy ecosystems and healthy watersheds. Prescribed fire is an important land management tool that leverages a natural process to help foster ecosystem health and decrease fire risk to communities. #GoodFires at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 1 of 4:

Are you interested in introducing #goodfires to your landscape? Get in touch with a Certified #PrescribedFire Manager to see what it takes to achieve your objectives, whether for vegetation reduction, improve wildlife habitat or overall aesthetics. Learn more at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 2 of 4:

If you’re planning a #prescribedfire make sure your #BurnPlan has a checklist for the day of the burn to make certain all steps for a successful #burn have been covered. Visit https://www.goodfires.org for more ideas on #goodfires

All prescribed burners are required to comply with applicable regulations, which vary by location and project. Visit https://www.goodfires.org for more on the use of #GoodFires in the South. Contact your state forestry agency for guidance and training on how to safely conduct a prescribed fire per local regulations.

Graphic 3 of 4:

#SafetyMessage: Are conditions favorable for meeting objectives in the #BurnPlan? Always be sure to do a safety briefing before igniting #goodfires. Make sure the #burn crew knows where and how the #RxFire will be started. Learn more about firing technique at https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 4 of 4:

#DYK that the practice of #monitoring #PrescribedFire perimeter and extinguishing smoldering stumps is called mop-up. Speak with a local #BurnBoss and visit https://www.goodfires.org for more ideas on #GoodFires.


Benefits Series

Overview Graphics:

Reducing or removing dense fuels that can create high intensity #wildfire provides many benefits beyond protecting communities, such as aesthetics, biodiversity, economics, and overall health of ecosystem. Learn more about #GoodFires at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 1 of 9:

#Nature’s doctor is in! #PrescribedFire, #RxFire, or #Goodfires are used to restore and maintain the health and viability of #fireadapted and #firedependent ecosystems. Learn more at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 2 of 9:

With more than half of all #wildfire starts in the US happening in #TheSouth, southern states also average more #prescribedfire than all other regions combined with a 6 million acre per year average. Learn more about #goodfires at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 3 of 9 and 4 of 9:

#DYK Native Americans used #goodfires to maintain healthy forests for hunting, farming, making travel easier, and range management. Learn more at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 3 of 9 and 4 of 9:

#DYK fire at regular intervals is important for southern ecosystems like pine savannahs to remain healthy? With 86% of the est. 228 mil acres of forest in the SE privately owned, state and private partnerships are critical to safeguard #goodfires. Learn more at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 5 of 9:

Want to cut costs? #GoodFires reduces reforestation costs for landowners by improving the conditions necessary for establishing healthy stands. Learn more at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 6 of 9:

#DYK unlike smoke from #wildfire smoke from #PrescribedFire is “managed” to minimize impacts to public and surrounding areas. Read more about #GoodFires and community risk reduction at: https://www.goodfires.org

Air quality is an important value and must be considered during every phase of the prescribed fire process from planning to burn implementation. Read more about #GoodFires and community risk reduction at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 7 of 9:

Who doesn’t love coming upon a field of #wildflowers? Well guess what? #GoodFires improve the #aesthetic and opportunities for #pollinator #flowers to gain a foothold. Contrast with the harsh landscapes produced after high intensity #wildfire due to unnatural fuel loading (over vegetation). Learn more at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 8 of 9:

#DYK Native Americans used #goodfires to maintain healthy forests for hunting, farming, making travel easier, and range management. Learn more at: https://www.goodfires.org

Graphic 9 of 9:

#DYK #GoodFires open up the forest floor to allow plants to capture sunlight and grow, benefiting #WildTurkey, deer, quail, and many other species. Learn more at: https://www.goodfires.org

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